July, 2015

    Kladivium: Heavy metal magic

    In the third post of the kladivium series, we are going to describe how the availability of this metal and the existence of kladivium dragons (a new dragon which will have its own post entry in the future) affect magic, allowing certain spells to unlock new special effects. Dragon’s Breath It is possible to use […]

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    Kladivium: Equipment

    This post continues the series about kladivium, a tough and heavy metal coveted for creating certain equipment pieces. Here you will find all the rules describing how adventurer equipment created from kladivium would work in your Pathfinder Roleplaying Game sessions. Weapons Melee A slashing or piercing kladivium weapon is able to overcome damage reduction as […]

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    Kladivium: Introduction

    When we started using the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game in our sessions, one of the things we wanted to improve was the choice of special materials available for creating equipment for our characters and NPCs. We brainstormed some ideas and possibilities, and finally came up with a few proposals that were fleshed up and added to […]

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