This post continues the series about kladivium, a tough and heavy metal coveted for creating certain equipment pieces. Here you will find all the rules describing how adventurer equipment created from kladivium would work in your Pathfinder Roleplaying Game sessions.



A slashing or piercing kladivium weapon is able to overcome damage reduction as if it were a bashing weapon, thanks to the extra inertia of any swing made with it. Melee weapons created with kladivium never benefit from the Weapon finesse feat even if they would normally qualify for it, as the increased density makes them too heavy to be moved swiftly. The weapon also imposes a circumstance penalty of -2 to all Sleight of hands checks that involve it.

A character wielding a melee kladivium weapon obtains a bonus to her CMD to avoid being disarmed of that specific weapon. She also receives a bonus to her CMB for disarm and trip maneuvers using that specific weapon. The bonus amount depends on the weapon’s size category as shown in the below.

Weapon size category CMB/CMD  bonus
Light +1
One-handed +2
Two-handed +3


The weight of kladivium makes it undesirable for most ranged weapons. However, kladivium is a great (albeit expensive) material for sling bullets. A sling bullet created with kladivium gets a +2 circumstance bonus to the damage it causes.


Kladivium pellets and bullets have increased armor penetration due to their density. They add +1 to the damage they cause, and they also increase the range by which an attack with a firearm can be resolved against touch AC. For early firearms, an attack with kladivium ammunition resolves against the target’s touch AC when the target is within the first one and a half range increment of the weapon. For advanced firearms, the target must be within the first six range increments. However, the extra weight of kladivium ammunition increases the weapon’s misfire range by 1 as long as it is using these special projectiles.


Although kladivium is not as resistant as adamantine, it is still very tough and its increased weight gives a few advantages for creating armor. Kladivium can be used to forge metallic armor; giving its wearer some resistance to damage, and it also gives a bonifier to its wearer’s CMD for resisting bull rush, overrun and trip maneuvers. It also increases the armor check penalty by -2. Since all kladivium armor is of masterwork quality, the final armor check penalty increase is of only -1. Although damage reduction usually does not stack, the damage reduction obtained from kladivium armor stacks with the damage reduction given by the Resilient property for magic armor (which will be described in a future post).

Armor category Damage reduction CMD bonus
Light 1 / Slashing or Piercing +2
Medium 2 / Slashing or Piercing +4
Heavy 3 / Slashing or Piercing +7


Kladivium shields used for attacking add +1 to the damage they cause. When using a kladivium shield for a bull rush maneuver (including the free bull rush maneuver from using the Shield slam feat) or a trip maneuver, its wearer gets a bonus to her BMC depending on the shield type. Light shields grant a +2 bonus to these maneuver checks, while heavy shields add a +3 bonus. A kladivium shield’s armor penalty increases by -1. Since all kladivium shields are of masterwork quality, the final armor check penalty is not modified.

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