When we started using the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game in our sessions, one of the things we wanted to improve was the choice of special materials available for creating equipment for our characters and NPCs. We brainstormed some ideas and possibilities, and finally came up with a few proposals that were fleshed up and added to our rules. These new materials add a lot of character options and tools for the gamemaster, but one of them stands out as our favorite up to the point of deciding to use its name in our website.

This post contains only the introduction and the basic rules for kladivium. Future posts will expand upon this beyond the usual equipment and material rules, as they will also include new spell uses and even new monsters related to this heavy metal. When the series is complete, we will release a small document that gathers all rules in a single place.

Kladivium is a rare and dense metal coveted by blacksmiths for its hardness and high density. These exceptional properties make it a good choice as the base material for the equipment of warriors who have mastered how to use its extra weight for their advantage. This dark red material can only be found in areas of intense volcanic activity, past or present, and the dangerousness of these places makes its extraction a difficult and hazardous business. The few kladivium deposits that can be extracted without risk are made dangerous by the conflict and greed that they inevitably attract.

In the harsh caverns under the surface, kladivium becomes more frequent the deeper one goes. Some races that inhabit the underground passages such as the duergar or the derro sometimes arm their champions with powerful kladivium weapons, or keep them safe from enemy attacks with durable armor crafted with this metal.

Kladivium has 35 hit points per inch of thickness and a hardness of 18, yet it weights one and a half as much as steel. Kladivium has magnetic properties, although less intense than other metals such as iron. Forging kladivium items is an arduous process that requires a lot of time for an expert artisan, and the metal itself is difficult to find and dangerous to mine in large enough quantities. Because of these reasons, kladivium equipment is quite expensive.

The cost of kladivium items is detailed in the following table. Kladivium is so expensive that equipment made from it is always of masterwork quality. The masterwork cost is included in the prices given below.

Equipment piece Cost
Raw kladivium 200 gold pieces per pound
Light armor +6 000 gold pieces
Medium armor +12 000 gold pieces
Heavy armor +18 000 gold pieces
Shield +6 000 gold pieces
Melee weapon +3 125 gold pieces
Ammunition1 +72 gold pieces per missile

1: In the case of firearm ammunition, the extra cost is not modified by the firearm rarity level chosen by the GM for the campaign.


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